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Troia lineup (1996)
Rogério Segall
Marcelo Dantas and Andréa Palmieri
Adilson Alexandre Jr. (1994)
Rogério Segall and Andréa Palmieri

In 1991, the brothers Rogério and Ricardo Segall, decided to create a project in which they could show all their musical potential and their influences. 

The early Scars Souls' lineup was Rogério Segall (electric and acoustic guitars), Ricardo Segall (bass guitar), Andréa Palmieri (vocals) and Kandel Rocha (drums). The drummer, Kandel, left the band shortly after the composition of some songs and recording of the first Demo Tape titled "Making Contact". Renato Powell took over the position and made several concerts with the band. 

In the beginning, the sound was pretty heavy, but with enough influence there was at the time, a Heavy Metal with 70's style and some psychedelic rock music. 

After a short period of time, Renato was replaced by Adilson Alexandre Jr., who at the time was only 14 years old. With no doubt, one of the founding members of the real Scars Souls. With this, the classic Scars Souls lineup was finally ready. 

Despite recorded in 1994/1995, the band released their debut self titled CD in 1996. The recording was super fast, the whole album was recorded in 12 hours. With some limitations which all independent artists had back in 1994 (in Brazil) and with a limited budget the album was recording in 8 channel only. Although as an independent CD "Scars Souls", the album, traveled abroad and was sold in Europe, Japan and United States. 

During the same period, going through a good phase, the underground concerts house Garage Art Cult, in Rio de Janeiro, decided to launch a house compilation LP, "Garage Voices", and Scars Souls was one of the four selected bands. The prestigious "Rock Brigade" magazine has highlighted the two Scars Souls' songs as the best two of the compilation. 

But this was not the only compilation which Scars Souls took part on. "Headline Collection", "Brazil Altenativo 3" and "Planet Metal 5" are also part of its history. 

After more than 200 concerts held, in 1998 Scars Souls recorded their second album, "Troia". With this album, the band reaffirmed its heavy style, mixing heavy metal, progressive rock and jazz pinches. The album had its two independent pressings completely sold out. Japan, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and United States, were some of the main destinations of "Troia". All these countries have received "Troia" with many compliments. 

In late 2000 the band went through one of the most important changes in their lineup. The bassist and co-founder Ricardo Segall left the band, Ricardo Segall was replaced by Ricardo Piccoli. After the excellent response to Troia album, the new formation of the band starts the composition of the new material. 

For years Scars Souls did shows, featured in magazines, recorded material and had broad dissemination in the national and international media. Have always relied on the support of all the media and, all that being an independent band.  

Even with a great musical and personal rapport, Scars Souls went through a period of "stand by" with regard to shows. In 2005, more mature, the band recorded its 3rd album, "Highbreed", which has been produced by their own bassist, Ricardo Piccoli. The album was launched in the first quarter of 2006 under the label Masque Records. "Highbreed" also counted on the excellent graphic by Sledgehammergraphix. Due a city change, the bassist and producer Ricardo Piccoli, the band, in 2006, calls a long-time friend to join his new lineup Reinaldo Araujo, former Endless. 

With Reinaldo Araújo, Scars Souls had its shorter lineup. After a few concerts with the band, Reinaldo Araújo had to leave the band due to personal reasons. Reinaldo was replaced by Marcelo "Mockba" Dantas. After that, Scars Souls went back to work not only its vast repertoire, but also in new compositions. 

The fourth Scars Souls' album had been working, some songs were ready and lines of recorded guitars, but there were many challenges due to some change-over. Mockba and Adilson Alexandre Jr. moved to the United States for professionals issues not related to music, for this reason there is no forecast for completion.

Andréa Palmieri
Born: 31 - Jan - 1972
Instrument: Vocals
Influences: Dimmur Borgir, Fear Factory, Iron Maiden, King's X, Queensrÿche, Rush, Voivod...
Rogério Segall
Born: 08 - Nov - 1963
Instrument: Guitar
Influences: Allan Holdsworth, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Riot, Rush, Yes...
Adilson Alexandre Jr.
Born: 24 - Aug - 1977
Instrument: Drums
Influences: Anthrax, Billy Cobham, Black Sabbath, Bruford, Camel, Dave Weckl, Dio, Dixie Dregs, E,L&P, Focus, Frank Zappa, Gentle Giant, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, King Crimson, King Diamond, Livinig Colour, Megadeth, Metallica, Motörhead, Overkill, Ozzy Osbourne, Rush, Sepultura, Terry Bozzio, Tribal Tech, UK, Voivod...
Marcelo Dantas
Born: 27 - Oct - 1967
Instrument: Bass
Influences: Anyone's Daughter, Eloy, Kraftwerk, Machiavel, Nazareth, Rush, UK ...
Recorded: 1995/1996
Released: 1997
Duration: 00:43:51
Album: TROIA
Recorded: 1998
Released: 1998
Duration: 1:04:08
Recorded: 2005
Released: 2006
Duration: 1:02:55
Rio de Janeiro underground association

HEAD LINE Collection
Track 3 (side B)
Released: 1993
Format: Vinyl


Volume 3
Track 13
Released: 1994
Format: CD
The most famous Metal house in Rio de Janeiro in 80's and 90's

Tracks 1 & 2 (side B)
Released: 1994
Format: Vinyl
Brazilian (Metal) specialized magazine

Volume 5
Track 11
Released: 1999
Format: CD
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